evidence-BASED therapy for reflective, goal-oriented adults.

brief or longer term, based on your needs.

The foundation of my work is rigorous training in evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy).

(See the Coaching page for more info on how I work.)

Building on that foundation, with all my clients I seek a balance of understanding and action:

Understanding: We will shape a nuanced view of your situation and how you act in that situation. I want our work to resonate with meaning for you. We will do a lot of drawing on the white board.

Action: We will translate our understanding into a clear path towards change. There will be homework for you to practice between sessions. We'll connect your sense of purpose and meaning to daily routines and habits or crucial conversations.

To these ends, I will offer you empathy and compassion. I will also offer you honesty and challenge. Our sessions will be successful when you are able to not only do things differently as a result of meeting with me, but also find a different perspective on and experience of situations in your life. We will communicate about this balance and how effectively we are reaching your goals as we move along.

My purpose is not only to help you overcome whatever psychological challenges you face, but to help you more powerfully and genuinely serve what matters most to you in this world. I balance my training as a clinical psychologist with my expertise as a leadership coach and organizational consultant, so I can help you across personal and professional parts of your life.

Common areas of focus include:

  • Goals and Values Clarification

  • Self Understanding, Awareness, and Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence/Efficacy

  • Problem Solving, Creativity, Resilience

  • Communication Skills

  • Purpose and Confidence

  • Interpersonal/Relationship/Intimacy Skills

  • Organizational Skills

  • Mood and Stress Management

I am available for therapy sessions for Washington State residents both in my downtown Seattle office and via video-conference/phone. In my experience, and according to the research, remote sessions are equally impactful to in person meetings. 

I'm a Licensed Psychologist in Washington State: License PY60382108.


Your insurance may cover some/all of my fee as an out-of-network provider.