I offer clinical consultation and training - in person and online - that is clinically rigorous and personally rewarding:


  • Based in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Grounded in functional contextualism (the theory underlying FAP and ACT)
  • Deepen the authenticity, courage, and compassion you bring to your work
  • Become more effective in the clinical situations you find most challenging 

If you work with me, we will focus on the gritty reality of clinical work. We will use theory to work more effectively in that reality (not for its own sake). In most consultations and trainings, we will focus on the cases that are most burning you out or the clinical issues that you struggle with the most. 


If you’d like to set up a custom training, either in-person or online, drop me a line.

What people are saying about my training and consultation:

Gareth is real. Gareth is open. And Gareth is incredibly skilled as a therapist, a trainer, a consultant. That combination means he brings a level of integrity, clinical skill, and honesty to his work that I find to be rare. Working with him is a gift on many levels.
I became a FAP enthusiast because of Gareth’s spirit. He is wise and humble…Gareth helped me organize my knowledge in behaviorism. I felt close to him and totally understood, despite the fact that I live in a different country. His guidance and modeling helped me be more open and courageous in my personal and professional life. I totally recommend him as a trainer and therapist!
I was in an on-line FAP group facilitated by Gareth, and learned so much by how he supported and shaped behavior with a light hand. He created a safe environment where we all became increasingly able to take risks, and be with our vulnerabilities. Our support for each other was honest and authentic, and the group developed the trust necessary to challenge each other in a loving, compassionate, and ultimately effective way. The group has done more to free me from my self-limiting behaviors both professionally and personally than anything else I’ve done.
Gareth Holman has been providing state-of-the-art consultation services to me for more than a year now. He brings a deep understanding of psychotherapy including DBT, ACT, and FAP and that knowledge is evident in our sessions. He uses his therapist skills during sessions, cheerleads, validates (the valid), makes astute suggestions for alternative approaches and does this with compassion, radical genuineness and a sense of humor. His consultations, both the content and process create change and he has helped me to transfer my knowledge to clinical practice, deepened my understanding of cognitive behavioral therapies and shaped how I conceptualize clinical cases. It is a privilege to work with him, he’s great!