What would be the outcome for you if you were able to have the most important difficult conversations - skillfully, POWERFULLY, without procrastination, and with full integrity?

As Marshall Goldberg puts it, ‘Your potential...is ultimately limited or unleashed by your interpersonal skills.'

At the same time, organizational culture and the business climate demands more from you then ever: greater productivity, faster, at lower cost.

My coaching helps you understand and skillfully navigate the unique challenges you face as a leader or as a team, so that you can show up powerfully and navigate a path to where you need to go.

We will start by understanding the challenges arising inside of yourself, in your relationships, and in the eco-system of your organization. As one client put it, ‘Gareth’s super power is detecting the subtle patterns in our psychology and org cultures that operate outside awareness yet hold us back the most.’ 

From that understanding we create change. My expertise in adult learning and behavior change means that, as another client put it, I ‘help people translate challenges into a concrete path towards change.’ 

I have experience working with leaders and teams across tech, media, consulting, government, and academic settings. I have driven org-wide culture change initiatives, team-based coaching, and focused individual executive development plans. Many of my clients are developing leaders/teams in the tech/engineering space seeking to refine the people skills needed to flourish at their next level of development. I am a certified Systemic Team Coach.

All my work is grounded in a science-based understanding of human behavior, suffering, and flourishing as well as broad reading in cutting edge organizational practice and science. As a practitioner, I also value creativity, perseverance, collaboration, and resourcefulness.

Common areas of focus include:

  • Communication Skills

  • Vision, Purpose, and Goals

  • Process Improvement

  • Strategy

  • Decision-Making and Problem Solving

  • Stress-Management

  • Organizational Skills

  • High Performance Training

  • Career Development

I am available for in-person and video-conference/remote sessions.

Gareth’s approach is different. The “sprint” brought our work to life by fostering team courage. We surfaced different points of view, gained perspective, clarity, and direction. We improved productivity and created an overall better place to work. Gareth has a contagious enthusiasm and leads with purpose.
— Fred H., VP/Division Head
Gareth helped us build a communication framework that works in our setting: He is teaching us to fish.
— Fiona W., Assistant VP of Innovation
The work brought the whole team together in a much more deep and meaningful way - it tied together our personal motivations into a common mission, in a way that was respectful of personal boundaries and very powerful.
— - Reza G., Chief Medical Officer