EVIDENCE-BASED Coaching FOr executives, professionals, founders, creatives.


Many lives look great on paper.

Yet too many people carry a surprising amount of pain, disconnection, fear, numbness, disappointment — and a lingering feeling that there is much un-fulfilled.

One cost of the struggle within yourself is professional or business potential. As Ben Horowitz put it, ‘The most important thing I learned as a CEO was how to master my own psychology.’

But the stakes extend far beyond work.

Will you wake up one day, decades from now, and wonder why things feel hollow?

Will you look around during the holidays and wonder why your son doesn’t talk with you?

Will you cast about and waste your potential, afraid to take the risks that capitalize on your learning, express your vision, and leave a real mark?

What does it take to truly self-optimize as a human being?

The struggle doesn’t mean you are broken. It means you are alive to the circumstances of being human on earth in the 21st Century. Your legacy is built by how you engage the struggle.

Coaching is a process of deliberate evolution, driven by awareness, reflection, risk, and practice. My aim is to help you build the clarity and the capacity that lets you say on any given day, ‘I am willing to take all of this on, even the things that terrify me, and I will take care of what matters most.’

My work is grounded in 1) the science of human behavior change and 2) deep experience working with high performing people facing complex real life challenges.

People I have helped include:

  • A senior consultant leading a high end boutique firm, enduring periodic burn-out and team frustrations. How do we clear the path to balance brilliant work with a less punishing lifestyle?

  • A career public servant, taking sabbatical to reflect on decades of experiences (and the inevitable failures they bring) and design the next endeavor. How do we make meaning out of what happened, avoid repeating the errors of the past, and in doing so innovate new wisdom for public service?

  • A tech founder/CEO seeking to master his own leadership limitations and strengths so that he builds a culture that not only performs at an elite technical level but also sustains and enriches everyone who touches it.

And many others. If this language speaks to you, you may fit the bill.

Common areas of focus include:

  • Self Understanding, Awareness, Mindfulness

  • Vision, Purpose, Career Development

  • Burnout/Stress Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Management Skills

  • Interpersonal/Relationship/Intimacy Skills

  • Goals/Accountability

  • Emotional Intelligence/Efficacy

  • Problem Solving, Creativity

  • Communication Skills

  • Purpose and Confidence

  • Organizational Skills

Note: What’s the difference between therapy and coaching? Therapy addresses diagnosable psychiatric problems whereas coaching is about behavior change more broadly. Both engage psychology and behavior in potentially deep ways. If you’re not sure which is right for you, drop me a line and we can discuss.

I am available for in-person and video-conference/remote sessions.

Gareth is an incredible coach. He has a unique ability to reflect what is happening beneath the surface, help identify practical next actions, and cut through the complexity of dynamic situations with precision. In just a few sessions, he identified an unhelpful pattern of mine that I’ve carried unseen for years. Now I can sense early warning signs and avoid playing the pattern out. Gareth’s other super power is attuning to the interplay between individual behavior and the organizational context in which one is operating. As a result, rather than superficial tricks or tactics, he supports personal change at a deep level that also drives organizational success.
— R.E.
The work has done more to free me from my self-limiting behaviors both professionally and personally than anything else i’ve done.
— A.M.